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What is IndigoGPS?

IndigoGPS is a simple plug-and-play GPS tracking system developed in Australia which provides Young Driver protection via live tracking, journey replay and driver activity reporting, all in real-time. IndigoGPS suits passenger and light commercial vehicles manufactured after 2007. Simply plug it into your car's OBDII connector located near the accelerator pedal & you are ready to go.

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The satellite

IndigoGPS uses Assisted GPS & Glonass satellite technology to find your car's location anywhere on earth.

IndigoGPS cloud

IndigoGPS sends your car's location and vital information such as ignition status & current speed to the IndigoGPS Cloud via 3G mobile internet. Your IndigoGPS includes a built in prepaid mobile internet subscription.


Use your internet connected computer or smartphone app to securely log into the IndigoGPS cloud. Locate your car, replay journeys and generate a range of reports.

Who is
IndigoGPS for?

IndigoGPS is for families. It's a great product to GPS track your car or your loved one's car. It provides piece of mind and security.
IndigoGPS is for Business. Track your company vehicles to improve efficiency, productivity, accountability and security.
Improve customer service knowing where your vehicles are in real time. Produce a range of reports and dashboards to analyse your business operating costs.

Giving Boy Racers
A Reality Check

Dylan Young - Australian International Racing Car Driver talks about using IndigoGPS to analyse his driving behaviour on public roads



Using Glonass GPS technology, IndigoGPS is able to pinpoint your vehicle's exact location.


Report activity such as ignition on, ignition off, speed, odometer, tailgating, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and more. Use our range of business reporting to analyse and improve your business.


Your IndigoGPS connected car can automatically email you a range of business reports such as journeys taken, stop locations, client visits, idle times, working hours, activity outside of working hours and more.

IndigoGPS Tracker


See where your IndigoGPS has been and check it on a map.


Report fuel consumption and in some countries also report where and when fuel has been purchased. Compare this information to company fuel card data to determine any misuse of company fuel cards.


Your IndigoGPS connected car can send you alerts via email when it is speeding, harsh accelerating, has visited a banned location, has been tampered with and more. There are literally thousands of alerts which can be customised.

Track your IndigoGPS via the Internet on any connected Computer, Laptop or Smart Phone and Tablet



IndigoGPS was created in Australia to provide a simple and easy to use GPS tracking platform for families and business. We took the old & boring GPS tracking technology & turned it into a modern streamlined connected car technology.

The IndigoGPS concept was developed by 16 year old Australian Junior CEO Matthew Calapai leveraging and improving GPS technology pioneered by IntelliTrac Australia, one of the first GPS tracking companies in the world.

IndigoGPS is fully supported and backed by IntelliTrac Australia, so you can be assured of reliable, robust technology and piece of mind of buying the latest technology from the most progressive GPS tracking company in the world today.




  • IndigoGPS tracker
  • 1 year of data usage
  • AUD$240 for every year of usage after



  • IndigoGPS tracker
  • 3 years of data usage
  • AUD$120 for every year of usage after



  • IndigoGPS tracker
  • 2 years of data usage
  • AUD$180 for every year of usage after

Available on iOS & Android

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